Career Coaching


Pre-Career & Early Career

So many people are unhappy in their careers today. What if you could do something now to change your fate? Pre-Career coaching while you are still in college, or Early Career coaching for recent graduates, is the early intervention that can set you on a path to joy and success within your career.

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Mid Career

We often start out in one career, but for one reason or another, find we need a change. This switch can be daunting! Navigate your options and find the one that brings you joy based on your strengths and interests.

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Re-entering Your Career Path

As a stay at home mom, you may be struggling to figure out what you want to do when you return to work outside the home. Maybe your former position is no longer of interest to you, your ideas about what you want from a career have changed, or you are worried that you have been off your career path for too long. Together we will identify a career that leaves you energized, confident, and joyful.

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